7 THE SHEPHERD • OCTOBER 2020 • SAINT SPYRIDON GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF SAN DIEGO GREEK LANGUAGE SCHOOL Dear All, It is my pleasure to welcome back past and new students to online Greek Language Classes. It will be a challenging and interest- ing year for all of us but yet a rewarding one. To all our students and community friends, I know the transition of in-person learning to online learning has likely been more dif- cult than you may have anticipated. I have heard from a number of you including my own children and grandchildren just how hard it has been. We all prefer to be in a small classroom environment where students can actively engage and interact in class. As hard as it has been for students to make this transition, it has also been equally chal- lenging for our teachers to shi their mindset to online and remote instruction. Like you, they value the interactions in the classroom, and they miss face to face conversations. ey miss hearing their students coming into their classroom with laughter and leav- ing knowing they learned something new that day. Like you, they have had to navigate unfamiliar territory to continue to provide high levels of academic engagement for their students. ese are di cult times for all of us. None of us has ever experienced anything like COVID-19. Together as a community, we will get past this. Yes, we will get past the coronavirus. It is my hope that we will come out stronger and wiser as a result of the “stay- at home” order. Remember that we are proud Spyridonians! We will y stronger and higher than ever before, both during this time and a er. We will be together as a community again. Stay connected with us and keep up with your learning. And when this will be over, a new spirit full of enthusiasm and positive energy will ll our community. In the meantime, my message to all of you my friends, it’s a Greek song that comes to mind: Υπομονή Μουσική & στίχοι: Σταύρος Ξαρχάκος, Αλέκος Σακελλάριος Γειτονιά, ο δρόμος σου στενός παγωνιά και γκρίζος ουρανός μαύρη ζωή, βράδυ πρωί για συντροφιά μια συννεφιά υπομονή, υπομονή, υπομονή... Κάντε υπομονή κι ο ουρανός θα γίνει πιο γαλανός Κάντε υπομονή μια λεμονιά ανθίζει στη γειτονιά (Translation): Patience Music & lyrics: Stavros Xarhakos, Alekos Sakellarios Neighborhood, your street is narrow it’s freezing cold and the sky is grey bitter life, day and night a cloudiness for company patience, patience, patience... Be patient, and the sky will become more azure Be patient, a lemon tree is blossoming in the neighborhood Be Patient, Be Well, Be Safe My Friends! Athena Kotinopoulos Georges, M.Ed. Greek Language School Director San Diego Greek Language School athenakotinopoulos@gmail.com 619-992-4452 ART WORX 858.292.6070 artworx-us.com Nektarios Tradas Founder, Creative Director NEED PRINTING? DISPLAYS & SIGNAGE? AUDIO/VIDEO SERVICES? 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE? YEP, GOT ALL THAT! Books Brochures Mailers Newsletters Marketing Materials Trade Show & Portable Displays Signage Banners Audio & Video Production Commercial Photography Graphic Design & more WAIT! THERE’S MORE: Custom-printed Gaiters and Masks! Many designs to choose from! Or create your own! Tools for reopening your business! Customized canopies, curb signs, flags, custom T’s social distancing signage, get it all here!