7 THE SHEPHERD • JULY 2020 • SAINT SPYRIDON GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF SAN DIEGO Α Ρ Ν Ι Θ Ω Ψ Ρ Χ Ι Ψ Τ Ζ Α Τ Ζ Ι Κ Ι Χ Σ Β Ω Μ Α Ζ Υ Σ Μ Π Α Κ Λ Α Β Α Δ Ε Σ Τ Γ Ν Τ Ε Θ Α Ν Τ Ο Λ Μ Α Σ Υ Ξ Α Γ Υ Ε Α Υ Χ Ο Τ Α Ρ Α Μ Ο Σ Α Λ Α Τ Α Ζ Π Ο Χ Π Ρ Υ Μ Λ Ρ Υ Π Ο Φ Α Γ Κ Ο Σ Τ Ι Ν Ε Φ Ο Ο Λ Α Ο Χ Σ Α Κ Λ Ο Κ Ο Π Α Τ Α Τ Ε Σ Δ Σ Η Τ Υ Φ Χ Σ Ο Ζ Α Β Α Ρ Ο Π Χ Λ Σ Τ Ι Τ Ι Ο Κ Ε Δ Τ Τ Μ Ο Υ Σ Α Κ Α Σ Ο Ο Υ Σ Σ Ε Σ Ο Τ Χ Ι Ο Ε Κ Μ Ε Κ Β Ω Χ Υ Κ Ρ Μ Κ Χ Α Υ Α Ι Τ Π Ψ Ο Ρ Ε Γ Α Λ Α Κ Ο Ο Π Ο Τ Λ Μ Λ Α Σ Ο Ω Χ Α Β Γ Α Μ Α Α Λ Π Ρ Ρ Σ Α Α Δ Ο Ι Υ Μ Ζ Α Χ Α Ρ Η Χ Ν Α Ι Ι Δ Χ Τ Δ Π Χ Ο Λ Ι Π Ε Π Ο Ν Ι Α Ι Τ Τ Ζ Α Θ Α Ε Ι Ζ Β Ο Λ Ε Μ Ο Ν Ι Α Ζ Κ Α Ε Ο Λ Ι Κ Σ Τ Π Ι Τ Σ Α Β Λ Α Σ Ι Ο Χ Ψ Σ Λ Ι Β Ο Υ Ε Ρ Ε Κ Ο Υ Λ Ο Υ Ρ Α Κ Ι Α Β Α Α Σ Υ Ε Σ Ω Χ Α Ψ Μ Ο Σ Χ Α Ρ Ι E Γ Υ Ο Λ Π Ι Π Μ Γ Α Λ Α Κ Τ Ο Μ Π Ο Υ Ρ Ε Κ Ο ANSWERS: 1. B In 1592, while sailing for Spain, Captain Juan de Fuca discovered the body of water that separates the United States and Canada on the West Coast (Strait of Juan de Fuca). He was born Ioánnis Fokás on the island of Cephalonia, Greece, and was also known as Apostolos Valerianos. 2. A Considers herself mostly Greek, being half Greek (on her mother’s side) and speaks Greek fluently. 3. D Elizabeth Perkins ’ paternal grandparents were from Thessaloniki and changed their name from Pisperikos to Perkins. Marilu Henner ’s and Angie Harmon ’s mothers were both Greek. 4. D Jennifer Aniston: Jennifer Aniston: Not only is Aniston Greek, but she’s literally the goddaughter of the godfather of Greek-American television actors, Kojak’s Telly Savales. Her father, also an actor, was born in Crete as Yannis Anastassakis before changing his name to John Aniston and joining “Days of Our Lives” in 1985. Chris Sarandon 's father, also named Chris, came to the United States from Greece. His name originally was Sarondonethes. Formerly married to Susan Sarandon he is known for his former role on the guiding light and numerous other roles in Television, Film and Theatre. 5. C Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, better known by his stage name Criss Angel is an American of Greek descent. He is a magician, musician, escapologist, stunt performer, and actor. He is best known for starring in his own television show, Criss Angel Mindfreak. 6. A His family's original surname, "Zanikopoulos", was anglicized to Zane by his grandparents. Both of his parents are Greek American and Zane was raised in the Greek Orthodox religion. Probably best known for his acting role in the Titanic, Zane is also a director who’s directing career began with the film the Big Kiss. 7. D Tommy Lee (born Thomas Lee Bass 1962) is an American musician. He is known as the drummer for heavy metal band Mötley Crüe and ex husband of actress Pamela Anderson. Lee was born in Athens, Greece. His mother, Vassiliki "Voula" Papadimitriou, was Miss Greece in 1957, and his father, David Thomas Lee Bass, was a US Army serviceman of Welsh descent. 8. B Tito Martinez , former MLB first baseman for the N.Y. Yankees is of Greek descent on his mother’s side. Gregory ("Greg") Efthimios Louganis, the logical choice, is actually of Samoan/Swedish descent and was raised in California by his adoptive parents, a Greek-American couple. 1. Explorers: A. Chris. Columbus B. Juan de Fuca C. Ferdinand Magellan D. Sir Francis Drake 2. Singers: A. Kelly Clarkson B. Katy Perry C. Miley Cyrus D. Hillary Duff 3. Actors: A. Elizabeth Perkins B. Marilu Henner C. Angie Harmon D. All of the above 4. More Actors: A. Gregory Peck B. Jennifer Aniston C. Chris Sarandon D. b and c E. all of the above 5. Magicians: A. Lance Burton B. Harry Houdini C. Criss Angel D. David Copperfield 6. Directors: A. Billy Zane B. George Cukor C. Billy Wilder D. all of the above E. none of the above 7. Musicians: A. Peter Gabriel B. Tommy Lee C. Wynton Marsalis D. all of the above E. a and b 8. Athletes A. Greg Louganis B. Tino Martinez C. Mike Ditka D. Gary Stevens Who’s Greek? Can you identify which of the following famous people are of Greek Descent? Answers are shown below up side down to prevent accidental peeking. Ελληνική Κουζίνα Circle as many Foods and Ingredients you can find in the matrix below. Hint: answers are in Greek and run horizontally and vertically. Take a photo of your answers and email it to info@theshepherd news. com along with your name by July 15. The entry with the most correct words will win an 8x10 matted photo (several to choose from), ready for framing and hanging in your kitchen. In case of a tie, the entry with the most letters within the found words will win. Have fun! Contest is open only to subscribers of The Shepherd newsletter and to members of the Saint Spyridon GOC community.