3 THE SHEPHERD • JUNE 2021 • SAINT SPYRIDON GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF SAN DIEGO SUNDAY, JUNE 6: Sunday of the Blind Man Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Acts 16:16-34 ✟ Gospel : John 9:1-38 THURSDAY, JUNE 10: Holy Ascension Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Acts 1:1-12 ✟ Gospel : Luke 24:36-53 SUNDAY, JUNE 13: Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Acts 20:16-18, 28-36 ✟ Gospel : John 17:1-13 SUNDAY, JUNE 20: Holy Pentecost Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Acts 2:1-11 ✟ Gospel : John 7:37-52; 8:12 THURSDAY, JUNE 24: Nativity of St. John the Baptist Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Romans 13:11-14; 14:1-4 Gospel : Luke 1:1-25, 57-68, 76, 80 SUNDAY, JUNE 27: Sunday of All Saints Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Hebrews 11:33-40; 12:1-2 Gospel : Matthew 10:32-33; 37-38; 19:27-30 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30: Synaxis of the 12 Apostles Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : I Corinthians 4:9-16 ✟ Gospel : Matthew 9:36, 10:1-8 one. The team worked a to renovate the storage area ation started with demolition he supply roomwalls.Post that, as lined-up, creating a bigger, graded andmore economical helving and s/s tables.We still atwe plan to complete in the k to the following (yes,we took ks: Spero Tzathas,Mike Platis, d AnthonyKyriakidis. Finally,a effort tokeepourstorage room rying tonot leavepersonalstuff η ανακαίνηση της αποθήκης υ δούλεψε σκληρά ελπίζει να την τάξη, λειτουργικότητα, και , που όντως εξυπηρετεί όλους DIVINE SERVICES Greetings Friends and Family of the Choir: Happy June, Happy almost close to summer! ank you to our Lord and Savior that this Pandemic is slowing down. It is so nice to see so many people back in our Sanctuary. As we continue down this road, we need to be a bit more patient and things will hopefully return to nor- malcy, whatever that is. Happy birthday to our Varnavas Mouchlis and Diane Le as Lopes. May God grant you both many years. Speedy recovery to our Collette and Libby! We miss you both and hope that you are on the mend. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there and to our Father Andrew! Enjoy your much-deserved day! In His Service, Katherine Loukatos Meck Choir Master NEWS LOFT FROM THE MEMORIALS BAPTISMS MAY 29: Luke Marinescu Godparents: Nathan & Mirela Juncan 40-DAY BLESSINGS MAY 1: David Son of William & Christina Hochberger MAY 16: Vassilis (Bill) Xykis 6 months Stamo Constantine 3 years George Tzathas 13 years Ioannis Pourteymour 1 year MAY 30: Mary Giannos 40 days JUN 27: Stephanie Navrides 1 year Andreas Kyriakidis 1 year Sponsored Announcement STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE Christ is Risen! As we enter Spring this year 2021, we are slowly leaving behind the historic pandemic and slowly reopening our society and our beloved church, St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church, to all of you and your families. What a blessing! Father Andrew has spoken to us about the meaning of Pascha many times and, as I understand it, it is a time of renewal- for us, spiritually, as we sharpen our understanding of what it means to be an Orthodox Christian. Each week we are reminded of the importance of being a “Eucharistic Community”: we gather around the holy altar to praise God and we do it together. We, the Church, may not have heard from you in a while, but you are not forgotten nor are you to be le behind. We count each of you and consider each of you uniquely important in the growth of the Body of Christ, in our beloved St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church, and thus we are reaching out to you to remind you to not forget us. We look forward to seeing you soon and when we do it will be a time for celebration and renewal! us, take a moment to re ect on the importance of the Church and its impact on your life. And make your contribution to stewardship so we the church can continue to serve you and your family (and the parish) in your momentous need or celebration! John Kalas, Chairperson Fr. Andrew Scordalakis Ben De La Riva, Jim Gilpin, Stephen iros, Spero Tzathas 619.405.4958 margueriteapostolasteam.com DRE # 01381771 WE’LL HELP YOU FIGURE IT ALL OUT TEAM Marguerite Apostolas TEAM San Diego County & Back Country Real Estate Specialists. Because whom you work with matters.