11 THE SHEPHERD • APRIL 2021 • SAINT SPYRIDON GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF SAN DIEGO Professor, podcaster, author, and speaker on the Bible and Early Christianity Eugenia Scarvelis Constantinou, Ph.D. Understanding and Acquiring the ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN MIND thinking orthodox RELIGION: RELIGION:Christianity /Orthodox This clear, convincing, practical, well-crafted, and highly recommended book argues that the heritage of the Orthodox Faith includes, not only a distinct theology, but also a distinctive pattern of thinking theologically. It is not the task of theology to refine, clarify, and apply an ever-greater precision to the content of the Faith. As a component of the life in Christ, rather, Orthodox thinking strives to acquire and maintain a disci- plined, humble, and devout mind. Parish priests, when they instruct newcomers to the faith, will want to have this book within reach. —P atrick h enry r eardon , Senior Editor, Touchstone: a Journal ofMereChristianity Dr. Constantinou has written a marvellously timely book that is an education in itself as wellasbeingadelight to read. . . . [Shepresents]apatientand thoroughaccountofwhat it is to inhabit the spiritual, theological, and sacramental world of Eastern Orthodoxy. —excerpted from the Foreword by Archpriest J ohn a. M c g uckin , PhD. D.D. DLitt. Professor of Early Christian Thought, Theology Faculty, Oxford University W hat does it Mean to “think Orthodox”? What are the unspoken and unex- plored premises and presumptions underlying what Christians believe? Orthodox Christianity is based on preserving the mind of the early Church, its phronema . Dr. Jeannie Constantinou brings her more than forty years’ experience as a professor, Bible teacher, and speaker tobear in explainingwhat theOrthodoxphronema is, how it canbe acquired, and how that phronema is expressed in true Orthodox theology—as practiced by thosewho areproperlyqualifiedbyboth training and adeep relationshipwithChrist. Dr. Eugenia Constantinou hosts the popular podcast Search the Scriptures Live! on Ancient Faith Radio. She has been a professor and visiting lecturer on the Bible, patristic interpre- tation of Scripture, and early Christianity at Orthodox and non-Orthodox universities and schoolsof theology.Sheholdsmaster’sdegrees in theology from theUniversityofSanDiego, HolyCrossGreekOrthodoxSchoolofTheology,andHarvardDivinitySchool;a jurisdoctorate fromPepperdineUniversitySchool of Law; and aPh.D. fromUniversité Laval inQuebecCity in thehistoryofbiblical interpretation.She ismarried toFr.Costas,aGreekOrthodoxpriest. Constantinou thinking orthodox BasePhotobyCésarRincónonUnsplash p h r o n e m a Paperback and Kindle digital editions now available on Amazon Personalized copies are available at the St. Spyridon Bookstore and via Dr. Jeannie’s website drjeannie.com “I couldn’t put this book down. I highly recommend this book to all: cradle Orthodox and converts; Catholics who want to under- stand about the Eastern lung of their church; to Protestants who want to live like Christians in Apostolic and Patristic times. It is one of the most important and impactful books that I have every read and wish I could have read it 40 years ago. ” Alex from Southern California Listen to Dr. Jeannie’s live podcasts on Mondays from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. Links to Search The Scriptures Live and previously aired podcasts are found on Dr. Jeannie’s website drjeannie.com ART WORX 858.292.6070 artworx-us.com Nektarios Tradas Founder, Creative Director NEED PRINTING? DISPLAYS & SIGNAGE? AUDIO/VIDEO SERVICES? 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE? YEP, GOT ALL THAT! Books Brochures Mailers Newsletters Marketing Materials Trade Show & Portable Displays Signage Banners Audio & Video Production Commercial Photography Graphic Design & more WAIT! THERE’S MORE: Customized canopies, curb signs, flags, social distancing signage, menus, large prints, promotional materials, 8mm film transfers, and a whole lot more. Sponsored Announcement