3 THE SHEPHERD • APRIL 2020 • SAINT SPYRIDON GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF SAN DIEGO FRIDAY, APRIL 3: Ακάθιστος Ύμνος (Hymn Without Sitting) 6:30 PM SUNDAY, APRIL 5: Sunday of Saint Mary of Egypt Orthros : 8:30 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Hebrews 9:11-14 ✟ Gospel : Mark 10:32-45 SUNDAY, APRIL 12: PALM SUNDAY Orthros : 8:30 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Philippians 4:4-9 ✟ Gospel : John 12:1-18 e Bridegroom Service with Icon Procession 6:30 PM MONDAY, APRIL 13: HOLY & GREAT MONDAY e Bridegroom Service 6:30 PM TUESDAY, APRIL 14: HOLY & GREAT TUESDAY e Bridegroom Service 6:30 PM WED., APRIL 15: HOLY & GREAT WEDNESDAY Orthros For ursday morning 6:30 PM THURSDAY, APRIL 16: HOLY & GREAT THURSDAY Divine Liturgy of St. Basil 10:00 AM e 12 Gospel Readings 6:30 PM FRIDAY, APRIL 17: HOLY & GREAT FRIDAY Royal Hours 10:00 AM e Un-nailing 3:00 PM e Lamentations 6:30 PM SATURDAY, APRIL 18: HOLY & GREAT SATURDAY Divine Liturgy of St. Basil 10:00 AM Resurrection Service 11:00 PM SUNDAY, APRIL 19: GREAT & HOLY PASCHA SUNDAY, APRIL 26: omas Sunday Orthros : 8:30 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Acts 5:12-20 ✟ Gospel : John 20:19-21 one. The team worked a to renovate the storage area ation started with demolition he supply roomwalls.Post that, as lined-up, creating a bigger, graded andmore economical helving and s/s tables.We still atwe plan to complete in the k to the following (yes,we took ks: Spero Tzathas,Mike Platis, d AnthonyKyriakidis. Finally,a effort tokeepourstorage room rying tonot leavepersonalstuff η ανακαίνηση της αποθήκης υ δούλεψε σκληρά ελπίζει να την τάξη, λειτουργικότητα, και , που όντως εξυπηρετεί όλους DIVINE SERVICES BAPTISMS FEB 22: Ryan Michael Neillo Sponsor: Stefan Georgousopoulos MAR 1: Eleni Panayiotou 28 yrs MAR 8: Pauline Kallas 18 yrs MAY 3: Mary Zazas 5 yrs Chris Zazas 6 yrs V irginia Georggin 17 yrs George Georggin 21 yrs MEMORIALS Social distancing regulations may currently keep us from physically participating in the services of our church, but we can still participate spiritually by watching the services on our devices via the internet. To connect, visit http:// stspyridon.org and click on Live Broadcast . 40-DAY BLESSINGS MAR 22: Elias Emmanouel Son of Michael and Stella Haddad WEDDINGS FEB 29: Petros Moros & Anna Wright Koumbaros: Anastasios Moros FEB 29: John Compoginis & Anastasia Sellas Koumbari: Sophia & Jason Gile LIBRARY & BOOKSTORE Christ is risen, and the angels rejoice! Christ is risen, and life reigns! Christ is risen, and not one dead remains in a tomb! – From the Paschal homily of St. John Chrysostom We have begun our journey to the resurrection. The bookstore has a great selection of resources to complete your lenten journey. Please visit our lent- en & Pascha display table inside the bookstore. Archimandrite Papavassiliou’s Meditation for Great Lent is a gem of a book to inspire you for the Fast and to give you encouragement as you pursue your Lenten journey. Meditations for Holy Week is an insightful read to help us enter fully into the most rich and in- tense period before Pascha. Other wonderful books to consider are Alexander Schmemann’s Great Lent: Journey to Pascha, or Thomas Hopko’s The Lenten Spring. A great addition to all Orthodox homes to enter into the lenten mind- set is: The Lenten Triodion. A truly great publication by our Archdiocese is the guide: Journey Through Holy Week. We spend a lot of time in church services during Holy Week, and in these services we participate in the last days of Jesus Christ’s earthly life. The purpose of this guide is to shed light on your journey through Holy Week’s services and to help you understand what is happening in them and what they mean for us as Orthodox Christians. Looking for children’s gift books, consider Holy Week and Pascha, The Bible for Young People, We Pray, The Miracle of the Red Egg, The Resurrection, When God Made You, H is for Holy, A Boy’s Journey to Sainthood, Yiayia and the Prosphoro, to name a few. We also stock children Paschal Orthodox Ac- tivity books: My Book of Great Lent and My Book of Holy Week (text in both English and Greek), and Beautiful Things: Orthodox coloring book. In need of other Pascha basket gifts we have a beautiful selection of resurrection icons, diptych icons, wooden budded wall crosses, prayer rope bracelets, My Greek Home Icon bracelets, Akathist Hymn books, and pocket prayer books. If you are looking for liturgical music, we stock a variety of CDs chanted by the nuns of the Life-Giving Spring Monastery, Akathist Hymns, St. Vladimir’s Pascha, Eikona’s Pascha, and Hymns of Holy week from our choir. Lastly, our traditional Greek Orthodox Holy Week Service book by Fr. George Papadeas is in stock too. continues 7 TUNE INTOLIVESTREAM