3 THE SHEPHERD • MARCH 2022 • SAINT SPYRIDON GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF SAN DIEGO SUNDAY, MARCH 6: Forgiveness Sunday (Cheesefare) Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Hebrews 7:26-28;8:1-2 ✟ Gospel : Matthew 15:21-28 MONDAY, MARCH 7: Great Compline 6:00 PM Great & Holy Lent Begins WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9: Pre-Sancti ed Gi s 6:00 PM FRIDAY, MARCH 11: 1st Salutations 6:00 PM SUNDAY, MARCH 13: Sunday of Orthodoxy Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Hebrews 11:24-26,32-40 ✟ Gospel : John 1:43-51 WEDNESDAY, MAR. 16: Pre-Sancti ed Gi s 10:00 AM FRIDAY, MARCH 18: 2nd Salutations 6:00 PM SUNDAY, MARCH 20: Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Hebrews 1:10-14; 2:1-3 ✟ Gospel : Mark 2:1-12 WEDNESDAY, MAR. 23: Pre-Sancti ed Gi s 6:00 PM FRIDAY, MARCH 25: e Annunciation of the eotokos Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Hebrews 2:11-18 ✟ Gospel: Luke 1:24-38 FRIDAY, MARCH 25: 3rd Salutations 6:00 PM SUNDAY, MARCH 27: Adoration of the Holy Cross Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Hebrews 4:14-16; 5:1-6 ✟ Gospel : Mark 8:34-38; 9:1 WEDNESDAY, MAR. 30: Pre-Sancti ed Gi s 10:00 AM FRIDAY, APRIL 1: 4th Salutations 6:00 PM See page 11 for a comprehensive list of Lenten Services one. The team worked a to renovate the storage area ation started with demolition he supply roomwalls.Post that, as lined-up, creating a bigger, graded andmore economical helving and s/s tables.We still atwe plan to complete in the k to the following (yes,we took ks: Spero Tzathas,Mike Platis, d AnthonyKyriakidis. Finally,a effort tokeepourstorage room rying tonot leavepersonalstuff η ανακαίνηση της αποθήκης υ δούλεψε σκληρά ελπίζει να την τάξη, λειτουργικότητα, και , που όντως εξυπηρετεί όλους DIVINE SERVICES 1 FR. ANDREW BAPTISMS FEB 26: Benhur (Essey) Mehari Godparents: Lawrence & Niki Elugbadebo DEATHS JAN 15: Louis eodore Dimas 91 years old JAN 18: Genevieve John Hunt 82 years old FEB 9: eodora (Teddy) Cappos 97 years old MEMORIALS JAN 30: Livia Goya 5 years Nicolae Hancu 38 years Elizabeta Hancu 39 years FEB 6: Peter Kapsimalis 13 years MAR 6: Pauline (Panayiota) Kallas 20 years CHRISMATIONS JAN 25: George McClure Sponsors: Michael & Maria Platis Congratulations to Austin and Liz Bagingito on the birth of their son Michael, who was born on Janu- ary 17, 2022 weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. Proud grandparents are Mi- chael & Irene Jaureguy and Alwin & Tina Bagingito. BIRTHS 40-DAY BLESSINGS FEB 27: Michael Son of Austin and Liz Bagingito Greetings Friends of the Choir, Kali Sarakosti to all! We wish each one of you a beautiful Great Lent! e years just keep ying by when you are having fun. We are so happy that the choir will get to participate in Great and Holy Lent and Holy Week with all of you. So nice to be back. e choir wishes to welcome to the group Mayor Mark Arapostathis , Byron Yoanidis , and Michael Ber- tram to the lo . So nice to have more voices joining us. You too can join the choir! Singing God’s Praises, Katherine Loukatos Meck Music Master NEWS LOFT FROM THE may everyone have a most fruitful Lenten journey under the protection of “the angel of the Lord who encamps around those who fear Him.” (Psalm 33(34) verse 8). + e Women of the Word Bible Study Group Contact: susanmiserlis@gmail.com 2 WOMEN OF THE WORD A blessed and glorious birthday to Pat Spire, Greg Kostas, John Sooklaris, and Presvytera Jeannie! God Bless all of you! Your Choir loves you! Enjoy your day! Happy Birthday wishes to my Daughter Andrea , Grandson Andrew & Brother George . Much Love Always toward Christ and His Church must include more than fast- ing from food. e rules and regulations of fasting are guide- lines to help keep us pointed in the right direction. ey are not a means to an end. Depending upon what season we may nd ourselves in and how far along we are in our spiritual journey can help us to determine how hard we are to fast. But the idea is to fast so that we can prove in a real way that indeed we are not “enslaved” by anything. We begin with fasting from food and then make the attempt to move upward. We quell the desire to constantly feed our stomachs in an attempt to hear God’s voice. However, how can we hear God’s voice if we do not nd time to pray? ere are many instances from Holy Scripture where God’s people proclaim a fast and seek His will. Ezra 8:21-23 is a good ex- ample of calling upon the Lord while the people fasted. As we approach Great and Holy Lent and commence the Great Fast , may it be combined with good works and with communal and personal prayer, seeking the will of God in our lives for His glory, amen. +A