3 THE SHEPHERD • FEBRUARY 2020 • SAINT SPYRIDON GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF SAN DIEGO SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 2: Presentation of Our Lord into e Temple Orthros : 8:30 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : Hebrews 7:7-17 ✟ Gospel : Luke 2:22-40 SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9: Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee - Triodion begins Orthros : 8:30 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : II Timothy 3:10-15 ✟ Gospel : Luke 18:10-14 SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16: Sunday of the Prodigal Son Orthros : 8:30 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : I Corinthians 6:12-20 ✟ Gospel : Luke 15:11-32 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22: Saturday of Souls Orthros : 9:00 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : I essalonians 4:13-17 Gospel : Luke 21:8-9, 25-27, 33-36 SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23: Judgement Sunday (Meatfare) Orthros : 8:30 AM ✟ Divine Liturgy : 10:00 AM Epistle : I Corinthians 8:8-13; 9:1-2 Gospel : Matthew 25:31-46 one. The team worked a to renovate the storage area ation started with demolition he supply roomwalls.Post that, as lined-up, creating a bigger, graded andmore economical helving and s/s tables.We still atwe plan to complete in the k to the following (yes,we took ks: Spero Tzathas,Mike Platis, d AnthonyKyriakidis. Finally,a effort tokeepourstorage room rying tonot leavepersonalstuff η ανακαίνηση της αποθήκης υ δούλεψε σκληρά ελπίζει να την τάξη, λειτουργικότητα, και , που όντως εξυπηρετεί όλους Greetings Friends of the Choir! Hap- py February to all! Happy Valentine’s Day. May it be lled with love and happiness. February is a big month for our Dance and Choral School. We are having our preview night Saturday, February 8th at 7:00 p.m. e dance groups will be showing o their dances and the choral groups will be performing their new song selec- tions for this year’s Folk Dance and Choral Festival In Anaheim. Please see the enclosed yer for more infor- mation. Did you know we have 2 youth choir groups this year? Yes, we have our regular Saint Spyridon Youth Choir, ages 8 - 18, and then a young adult choir, called Livani (incense) ages 13-18. Miss Kathy is proud to have 40 active youth choir members. Have you noticed them on Sundays? Many DIVINE SERVICES DEATHS DEC 23: John G. Ronis 97 years old NEWS LOFT FROM THE 2 WOMEN OF THE WORD JAN 26: Panagiota Marmarakis 40 days Nitsa Crosby 16 yrs Ray Crosby 44 yrs FEB 2: Maria Navrides 5 yrs Sophia Apostolopoulos 10 yrs Peter Kapsimalis 14 yrs Anastasios Navrides 30 yrs NicholasApostolopoulos 40 yrs Vasilios Navrides 56 yrs MEMORIALS LIVE BROADCAST NOTICE: Your presence in the church may be subject to audio and video broadcast. Visit http:// stspyridon.org/live_services.html to connect. CELL PHONE REMINDER: Please silence your cell phone while in Church. C A T E R I N G F u l l S e r v i c e C a t e r i n g f o r o v e r 3 0 Y e a r s ! S p e c i a l i z i n g i n : B a p t i s m s W e d d i n g s P a r t i e s M e m o r i a l s B o o k u s a t t h e C y p r e s s R o o m o r a n y o t h e r v e n u e ! www. c a l i f o r n i a c u i s i n e c a t e r i n g . c om ( 6 1 9 ) 5 4 3 - 0 7 9 0 continues 6